About us


Nanayiro Restaurant invites you to experience modern-style Japanese cuisine. A warm welcome, fresh fare and world-class service awaits you.
Spend a moment at Nanayiro Restaurant and you will instantly see how this defines the core fundamentals of modern style Japanese cuisine.  Nanayiro Restaurant, a Japanese restaurant California, located in the Downtown of Berkeley nearby UC Berkeley campus, has never wavered in its dedication to good food, freshness and fine ingredients. The restaurant has served as an accolade to the preservation of Japanese modern since its opening in 2004.
Through the years, Nanayiro Restaurant has stayed true to its philosophy for excellence. The restaurant takes great pride in selecting its ingredients fresh daily. The coveted seasonal dishes change each day to include the freshest ingredients available Suggested dishes are Fuji Mt. and Samurai Rolls.  Every ingredient is personally and carefully inspected by the owner to make sure that it meets his approval. Nanayiro Restaurant receives fresh fish and fresh produce from private suppliers each day, ensuring the highest quality dining experience.
Nanayiro Restaurant has established itself as a staple in the Berkeley community, UC Berkeley students and developed a very strong customer loyalty base in the process. Visit or call us today to make a reservation. It would be a great honor to have you as our guest.